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Be Current

Contemporary design doesn’t refer to a specific period of time; it’s constantly changing to reflect the popular styles of present day design. It borrows qualities from modernism, minimalism, art deco and other global styles, without strictly focusing on any one in particular.


Classic or modern

We explore many spins on the traditional farmhouse; from modern to industrial to Scandinavian and European influences all providing unique flavour to this style.


Function and Form

Modern architecture is a style of building that emphasizes function and a streamlined from over ornamentation. This design aesthetic is a departure from more elaborate and decorated styles. Modern architecture usually involves sharp, clean lines.


Framing the Scenery

The mountain home is a style of its own; representing buildings set in the mountains and designed to weather the demands of an alpine environment. We favour a West Coast flavour to mountain homes that features natural wood elements mixed with durable metal and other high performance cladding materials.


Aura of History

Homes featuring a traditional style in the current era retain the charm and character of traditional architecture, yet often feature some modern features.


Bridging Traditional and Modern

The transitional style is that of harmonizing many traditional elements with more contemporary features and design elements. Clean modern interior styling integrated with classic roof lines and building forms.